Small Owl Spoon Hand Pipe


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Empire Glassworks Small Owl Spoon Hand Pipe.

This stylish yet practical glass hand pipe from Empire Glassworks takes a new approach on their recurring owl themed artwork. The Owl Themed Mini Spoon Hand Pipe features worked glass accents on the front of the bowl that create the stunning illusion of a stoic owl. The eyes are made from a gorgeous pink & yellow infused glass while the entirety of the bowl looks like the owls body. The owl wings on the sides of the bowl paired with the green leaves and black thorns along the neck of the pipe provide the sturdiest of grips. This spoon style hand pipe even has tiny owl feet worked onto the base of the bowl that act as a roll stop to stabilize your hand pipe between uses! The Empire Glassworks Owl Themed Mini Spoon pipe is made from thick borosilicate glass and comes fully equipped with a deep bowl and left side air carb for full control over the size of each hit. Made In California


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