Rocket Man Hand Pipe


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Empire Glassworks Rocket Man Hand Pipe.

Blow up your glass collection with the new Rocket Man Hand Pipe from none other than Empire Glassworks. Hilariously handcrafted in representation of the nuke-happy leader of North Korea Kim-Jong-Un, this edgy 4” inch hand pipe features meticulously worked & colored glass accents from top to bottom. The Rocket Man Hand Pipe is equipped with a spoon-style bowl and left-side air carb for full control over each rip. A unique standing design allows this glass pipe to rest upright on its feet when tabled for stunning display piece. Despite misleading headlines in the press, the Rocket Man pairs unbelievably well with the Empire Glassworks Agent Orange Hand Pipe. Snag both today and you can listen in as they debate over who’s nuclear-missile button is bigger! Made In California.


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