15 Gram Satya Sai Baba NAG CHAMPA Incense Sticks

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RSGL Satya Sai Baba Original Nag Champa  Incense Sticks 15g Box


Original Handrolled Satya Sai Baba Nagchampa Agarbatti is a combination of Champa flower, floral, Oriental-Spicy aroma with a base note of wood and patchouli. It is a reminiscent of Jasmine or magnolia flowers. The Preparation consists of formulation of masala mix using natural extracts in the form of dough concerning the ancient method and is rolled by hand on the bamboo sticks.

Since the smoke does not contain benzene and Toluene, it is free from any Health Hazards. As the quality is consistent, the end users are preferring to use it continuously. Handrolled Satya Sai Baba Nagchampa Agarbatti is used as room freshner and for meditation purpose in western countries in their routine life. The aroma spread in the environment evokes positive energy, good ambience, creates an exciting attitude and rekindles your thirst for fine fragrance.


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