Moltn 110mm Double Tree Perc 12" Base And 6" Neck


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110mm wide tubes are the strongest, most stable, super size tube. These are bigger than they look, heavier than you'd imagine, and are volumetric equivalence of 3-5ft standard pipes. Chambers are huge and make for a giant hit, absolutely not for beginners. Sturdy, powerful and quite easily the most beautiful show piece you'll ever see. This is the perfect party setup for large heavy duty users who like the to take a show-stopping hit. The percolated tubes come with a signature bowl head.

For those how like extreme percolation and beautiful pieces, our doubles are designed and engineered with smoothness and drag in mind. When you double stack 2 powerful percs in a traditional way there are many problems with drag, water splashing, and uneven levels. Weve eliminated all of these problems by circulating the smoke through the "MUG HANDLE". This feature gives the piece a more symmetrical look, better functionality and balance, and also gives you an awesome handle to hold on to.

Tree Perc
Our trees are a result of precision engineering, developed to allow larger diameter tubes in both the cycling tree arms and the stabilizing trunk giving you a solid, drag-free, amazing percolation and a beautifully symmetric tree that is easier to clean and use than any other on the market.

Tall tube is a 12" with a 6" neck for a total length of 18".
The 110 tall has the equivalent volume of a standard 5ft pipe.

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