Mj Arsenal Titan Mini Rig

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Titan Mini Dab Rig


At MJ Arsenal, our products are hand-blown — built to send your sessions through the roof and towards the heavens above. Our Titan Mini Dab Rig is no exception.

As its name suggests, this handmade compact dab rig is a titan in our arsenal, featuring a double ball base connected perc, with a Klein draining incycler to maximize your terpene profile.

Formed from high-quality borosilicate glass, the Titan Mini Dab Rig is far from ordinary and sure to stand the test of time as a new staple in your daily dab routine.



  • Approximately 7 inches in height
  • 2.75 inches base width
  • 10mm connection


Included in the MJA Titan Mini Rig Set

  • One Titan Mini Rig by MJ Arsenal
  • One MJA custom flat quartz bucket


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