Mj Arsenal Terp Blender 10mm 90 Degree


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Full Weld Quartz Terp Blender

Step up your smoke session with the latest and greatest in herbal technology: The terp blender.

The quartz terp blender slurped from MJ Arsenal combines the power of airflow with intelligent design to achieve superior vaporization. It’s purpose-built to elevate the everyday consumption experience, letting you create monster clouds with ease. 

Adding the sleek accessory to your favorite mini rig or full-size banger makes the quartz terp blender an efficient heat distributor that eliminates wax waste. The unique bucket banger piece also doubles as an eye-catching personal touch. 

So if you’re looking to add a bit of spice to your dab session, look no further than our first-rate terp blender. 



-Blender Banger

- Marble Carb Cap

- 2 Terp Pearls



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