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Another curious little device from the makers of distinctively branded units, Magic Flight. The Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa E-Nail is a torchless e-nail for dab enthusiasts. This unique little tool is a whip style wax vaporizer and allows users to enjoy two methods of waxy oil consumption through either a dab or through a dipstick. Buy probably one of its best suit is its versatility, the magic Flight JaK D’Rippa wax vaporizer can be used whip style or with a water pipe.

The Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa E-Nail vaporizer is carefully handcrafted in San-Diego, intuitively designed and skillfully constructed to vaping perfection. It’s rudimentary designed exterior is the product of the masterful craftsmanship and cunning skills of the folks at Magic Flight. It’s very natural design is says a lot about its straightforward and hassle free operation.

It’s simply like nothing you’ve ever seen before.



Like almost all the products produced and manufactured by Magic Flight, the JaK D’Rippa features a unique simple yet distinctive design. It’s completely constructed with wood material with metal components necessary for the vaping process. It includes two dabbing attachments that empower you to draw from your waxy oil concentrates in multiple ways.

The Rip-Tip is a heating component that connects to the JaK D’Rippa and dips to a container for your wax materials, this no fuss vaping method is an efficient way to vape and not waste materials by transferring dabs from storage to device. Nobody wants to waste wax.

The Rip-Receiver resembles the traditional dabbing chamber that is loaded with wax concentrates. The conventional method of placing a dab of your waxy oil concentrates is the way to go with the Rip-Receiver.

Both method ensures the production of the milkiest, beefy and flavorful rich clouds of vapor. Whether you enjoy vaping with a dipstick or through the traditional means of using a heating chamber, the Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa is the right tool for you. It’s simply for the dabbers who want it all.

Get ready to start rippin with the Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa.



For a device this small and this extraordinarily constructed, the JaK D’Rippa produces more than just decent amount of vapor, almost comparable to those from a desktop dab rig. Surprisingly, the thickness of the vapor produced by the Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa is big right off the bat. JaK D’Rippa is capable of generating clouds of vapor thick enough they closely resemble the density of true smoke.

The flavor and essence of the wax materials are consistently preserved maintaining its potency and intensity, thanks to the engineering of the JaK D’Rippa from Magic Flight, they simply break down the method of vaping down to the essential. The power and intensity can easily be adjusted through the rotary control knob on the device.



The Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa is perfect for home use, you get excellen vapors without the risks of using flame as a heating material. This e-nail is perfect for those who prefer a far out vaping experience. The Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa is the perfect, hassle free way to enjoy intense and robust vapors less the fuss of using a torch. JaK D’Rippa really rips.



  • 1 x Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa E-Nail
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Rip-Tip Wicking Attachment
  • 1 x Rip-Receiver Wicking Attachment
  • 1 x 2” Rubber Connector Tube
  • 1 x 18” maple Whip Tube




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