Jerome Baker Lil Dab Robot


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The "Robots Love Dabs" Bakerbot is in our opinion the happiest looking bot in the collection. He's got a big smile, frothing at the mouth with oil, and has hearts all over him. He features a honeycomb perc, and is the only bot in the collection that has the 10mm joint at a 45 degree angle. Smoke travels through the honeycomb perc before inhaling from the mouthpiece on the robot’s head. This all creates a clean toke that is full of flavor but easy on the throat and lungs.

The packaging design that the "Robots Love Dabs" rig comes in puts this JBD creation over the top. The box is covered in themed artwork that matches the illustrations and decals on the rig itself. Plus, inside the box you will find a laser cut foam fitting that securely stores your Bakerbot snugly away for when you travel with it, or just for keeping it safely stored away when not in use.


  • Diffuser: Honeycomb
  • Height: Approx 6"
  • Width: 2.75"
  • 10mm Male Joint (Made for use with 10mm female jointed accessories)
  • 1 of 5 in Collector's Series
  • Collectors Edition Jerome Baker Bakerbot Box
  • Made In USA


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