DynaTec Orion 2 Portable Pocket Induction Heater By Dynavap


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The Orion v2 is a pocket-sized battery powered Induction Heater designed and engineered specifically for use with the DynaVap vaporizer. Enjoy smooth, fast, and consistent flavor in 4-6 seconds with either stainless steel or titanium tips. To operate, just insert your DynaVap vaporizer into the chamber until you hear the heat-up click. The Orion automatically detects the presence and removal of the DynaVap vaporizer.

An automatic shutoff feature limits heating to a maximum of 10 seconds at a time.

Included with each Orion heater is an instruction guide, a 3 foot USB-C charging cable, and a custom DynaTec Zipper Case. Optional and not included: A USB-A power supply with 5v 2a for wall socket charging.




The Orion v2 has been redesigned and exhaustively tested. New improvements include:

  • Upgraded battery circuit to improve reliability and protection
  • Upgraded enclosure to help prevent chipping and cracking
  • Upgraded button to help prevent damage

*12-month warranty by DynaTec. Warranty applies only to the device itself and does not cover the USB-C charging cable or DynaTec Zipper Case.

Induction Heater Measurements: 2.25" x 4 3/8" x 1.25"




  • V2 requires a 3 second safety calibration after turning the Orion on. During this 3 second safety calibration, a VapCap should not be inserted. The calibration will not complete until the Orion has been turned on with an empty chamber for 3 seconds.
  • No pass through charging. The V2 Orion will not work while charging to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the battery.
  • Clicks per charge have decreased on the V2. In an effort to improve the lifespan of the battery, we have updated the threshold for when the blue low-battery indicator turns on as well as when the device will shut off. On average, with a fully charged battery you should expect to see about 25 clicks until the LED indicator changes to blue and about 40 total clicks until the device shuts off. This will vary depending on your particular usage, as well as how long the battery has been left on the charger.
  • Updated enclosure to help prevent cracking or chipping
  • Improved button construction to prevent damage
  • Upgraded battery circuit to improve reliability and protection
  • Thermal protection has been added to prevent damage caused from abusive use and overheating. If the Orion gets too hot, it will shut down and require a cool down period and can then be turned back on. If thermal protection is activated, please wait for the device to cool down, then plug it into the charger to restart.
  • Heating profile has been tuned to be slightly less aggressive. This allows for better heating with Ti tips by reducing the likelihood of combustion. It still works great on SS tips.
  • Visual differences:
    • V1 will have the text “DYNATEC.io” written all the way across the side of the heater. V2 will have “DYNATEC.io” smaller and located in the lower right 2/3s of the side of the heater.




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