Blazer Big Shot 3D Printed Dab Station w/ Timer


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  • 3D Printed.
  • Designed To Provide An Exact Fit With The Blazer Big Shot Torch.
  • Offers Safe Storage For Your Tool But Also Doubles As A Timer.
  • Digital Timer.
  • Please Note: Torch Not Included.

The days of using your phone as a timer are over! The Blazer Big Shot Dab Station is the hybrid culmination of providing everything you need for your sesh area to ensure clutter-free organization, as well as somewhere to set your Blazer to make sure it won't ever fall again!

The new 3D Printed Blazer Big Shot DabStation Stands.

The removable digital timer also helps ensure a clutter-free space as well as providing a spot to securely set your Blazer Big Shot. Ideal if you've misplaced your Big Shot base.

The Big Shot DabStations feature a Big Shot Base, Adjustable Digital Timer and Dabber Holder Rack.

Dimensions - 5"Long x 2.5" Wide x 2" Tall

Color Will Be Picked At Random!




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