Vector Electron Prizm

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  • Ignited with a simple touch of the LED screen
  • Creates an Electric Dual Arc that looks like electricity in the shape of an X
  • Gets recharged via a standard USB cable


The Vector Electron is a really cool piece of kit. Not only is it eye catching and really ergonomic it’s built to last using quality components. The lighter is really ergonomic, simply squeeze the middle of the lighter to open the dust cap and reveal the strong arc flame which will almost want to make you take up welding. Vector have even tested this at 14,000 feet where it worked faultlessly so if you are a fighter jet pilot that wants to celebrate a good sortie with a Cigar it’s the lighter for you! The lighter also benefits from a handy fuel gauge window so you can see how much fuel is in the lighterr. The ignition on this lighter is particularly easy to ignite and grip at the same time which makes it suitable for those with arthritis or a disability in the hands.

About This Item

  • Dual Flame
  • Arc Flame
  • Wind Resistant
  • Rechargeable 
  • Slim Profile
  • Single Touch Screen Action Ignition
  • Custom Gift Case
  • No Proof Lifetime Warranty
  • Altitude: ANY


Vector aims to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it.

  • Each Vector lighter is packaged in a gift box.

  • Vector lighters are serious, professional quality, indoor and outdoor product, cigar and tobacco aficionados.

  • The sleek, attractive design is great for everyday usage.

  • Vector beats a path to providing the kind of intense, high performance, and butane powered tabletop lighters that don’t just provide an even and reliable flame

  • Vector lighters passed all of KGM’s demanding tests and inspection standards set by KGM Quality Control. KGM warranty covers mechanical parts.


Vector-KGM’s Famous No Proof Warranty 

All Vector lighters are backed up by Vector-KGM’s Famous No Proof Warranty. No Proof Warranty means just that. You are not required to provide a proof of purchase in order to receive warranty service on any malfunctioning Vector lighters. It’s a hassle-free, no questions asked, warranty service program. It’s Vector-KGM’s unique way of offering a five-year warranty service commitment to its customers. Vector-KGM is the last remaining lighter company with an actual in-house warranty service dept. with actual lighter technicians who can perform repair services on the lighters. Our industry-leading turnaround time of 1-2 weeks truly sets Vector-KGM apart from the other so-called lighter companies without any in-house QC and service departments. 

Industry Leading 1-2 Week Turn Around Time: The turnaround time for warranty service is usually 1 week, but please allow an additional week for transit back to you


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