Size 11 Extra Long Light Blue And Orange RipTip

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Size 11 Extra Long Calypso RipTips

With a 9-channel glass vortex, The RipTip™ has been designed for optimum function using only the best borosilicate glass. 

Color(s): Glass Alchemy Mystique, Glass Alchemy Orange Crayon, Blue decal

Sizes (Diameter): 11mm

Roughly 1.25" long.

*All Riptip units sold individually*


  • RipTip Size Guide:
    • 7mm - Small (~ ¼”) personal size joint, spliff or blunt. Less than 1 gram

      8mm - Mid-range jumper. Not quite a layup, not quite a 3-pointer. Swish

      9mm - OG size, most popular! Good for 1.5 - 2 grams with king-sized papers.

      10mm - Gettin' Bigger (~ ⅓”) Great for sharing - golf, weddings, concerts, etc. Best with 2-2.5 grams and king-sized papers.

      11mm - 3 grams and a king-sized paper will take you all the way. Share or don't!

      12mm Large (~ ½”) Party Size, made for sharing and/or special projects. Best with 3.5+ grams and king-sized papers.


Sustainable. Reusable. Made in USA.

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