Sax-o-phoon Typhoon Sherlock

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The Typhoon Sax-O-Phoon Glass Pipe is an unusual dry pipe in that it behaves more like a water filtered pipe through the use of specially engineered air directors on each side of the handpipe. The directors cause the smoke/air mixture to vortex inside the chambers of each section. As the smoke spins within the section, you will be delighted by several things; an awesome swirling smoke show, an extra cool smoke as the distance traveled by the smoke/air mixture travels three times further in it’s circular path (as opposed to a straight path) and finally, a “softer” smoke as centrifugal force spins & deposits combusted tar and ash to stick inside against the glass, instead of inside you!

Hand Made in the USA

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions  7.5 × 3 × 5 in


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