RPG Chillum

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Empire Glassworks RPG Chillum.

This RPG Chillum is one explosive portable pipe! Handcrafted in California, this powerful piece features high grade borosilicate glass construction, hand-worked colors, and flawless performance. Vibrant red, black, and green hues make the artistry pop as you launch your favorite ground material. The durable American glass chillum doesn’t miss a detail -- Empire Glassworks’ top-notch glassmakers includes even sights and heat shields in the efficient design. Load your material into funnel end, and take your inhale from the grenade shaped mouthpiece. The travel-ready design measures about two lighters’ lengths for a discrete palm size. Empire Glassworks’ hands-on process makes every RPG Chillum one of a kind. It’s the perfect conversation-starter at every gaming sesh. Slip it right into your pocket for a ready-to-go glass pipe that’s ready for any epic adventure! The unique Rocket Propelled Grenade Gun is meticulously made with collector quality. 

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