Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock

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Keep your device charged and ready at all times with the new Peak Pro Power Dock. The Power Dock is a wireless charger that provides a secure home-base for your Peak Pro. It also acts a portable power bank that can charge your Peak or any other USB electronic devices on-the-go.

The Power Dock features “Ready Mode” (when enabled on the app) 
This allows you to pick up your Peak off the dock and hit it without clicking a single button.

Only Compatible With Peak Pro!!!

Peak Pro Not Included!!!



3 Hours To charge the Power Dock Portable Battery



2 Full Peak Charges When wired directly from the Peak to the Dock



1 Full Peak Charge When using wireless charging from the Dock 



When you purchase the Peak Pro Power Dock - wireless charging portable battery, you can access Ready Mode.

While connected and enabled on the app, when you remove the Peak from the dock, the Peak will immediately start heating your favorite temperature setting without clicking a single button.


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