Mj Arsenal Bella Mini Rig

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The Bella Mini Rig is made with precision and care and is constructed with the utmost quality.

It's a double uptake rig with a reinforced downstem and heart-shaped basin. It also features a recycler and splash guard.

The Bella Mini Rig’s beautiful pink borosilicate glass rig is sure to turn heads—and hearts. It’s perfect for taking huge hits while maximizing flavor retention thanks to its enormous recycler chamber.

The rig's perfectly balanced air pressure will help add that extra kick to your dab sesh, while the long uptake stems allow you to hit it hard and heavy, but with a steady pull. 

Finally, the heart-shaped design is more than just a treat for the eyes—the shape helps the water drain smoothly back to the chamber, but it makes it easy to empty out when it's time to clean the rig.



Name: Bella Mini Dab Rig

Collection: 2022 Valentines Day Collection

Dimensions: 7.5in x 4.25in x 2.75in - 10mm joint

Drop Date: 1/12/2022



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