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The Merlin Recycle Rig Blunt Bubbler™

The Merlin mini recycler rig and Blunt Bubbler™ and Mini-Rig™ is a classic offering from the MJ Arsenal line-up. The Merlin glass bubbler boasts a recycler system that pulls water up and into an upper chamber, cycling the smoke through the water multiple times creating more surface contact between hot vapor/smoke and cool, cleansing water. By incorporating a recycler water filtration system, the Merlin glass bubbler recycler rig is capable of delivering even smoother and fuller bodied hits than its predecessors.

In addition, this version of the Merlin recycler rig comes with a custom made quartz banger attachment for all of your concentrate consumption needs, all in this one compact and capable glass recycler rig or glass bubbler – 

The Merlin glass bubbler recycler rig includes:

1 Merlin multi-functional glass bubbler mini recycler rig

1 Quartz banger

1 Set of silicone attachments (1 carb plug and 1 banger clip)

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