Icy Penguins Large Hand Pipe

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Empire Glassworks Icy Penguins Large Hand Pipe.

The Empire Glassworks Icy Penguins Hand Pipe will have you chilling out year round! This thick glass hand pipe is a testament to the expert craftsmanship & attention to detail that the artists at Empire Glassworks put into each of their creations, handcrafted from heavy borosilicate glass with custom mixed winter-themed colors. The Large Icy Penguins Hand Pipe features individually handmade penguins and polar bears throughout the body, finished with worked glass icicles hanging along the outside and three penguins sliding along the neck. This spoon style hand pipe measures a full 6” inches in length and is equipped with a deep flower bowl for hearty packs of your dry herbs and a left-side air carb. Whether your a fan of winter or just love adorable penguins, this Empire Glassworks spoon pipe is a winner!


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